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Our Story

A bunch of wasted heat enthusiasts who care for our cities.

HTH is an MIT-born venture founded in 2020 as part of the School of Planning and Architecture's accelerator program; DesignX. Through prototypes and constant innovation, we strive on three years later. Upon graduating and participating in several energy nights and late night workshops, today, we are four professionals working across architecture, teaching, urban risk and computation who come together to geek out on thermal comfort and wasted heat. In a world recording the hottest days on the Earth and increasingly volatility, the question bringing us together is: how can we re-imagine energy loops and better equip our cities to promote sustainable, net-zero thermal comfort? As a team, we are excited about tapping into excess heat sources and exploring the possibilities of neglected yet valuable space across cities. 

Meet The Team

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Latifa Alkhayat

Chief Executive Officer

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Ous Abou Ras

Chief Technology Officer

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Angela Loescher-Montal

Chief Operating Officer

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Jules Kleitman

Chief Design Officer

We are always looking for ways to improve our products and work with others. If your values align and would like to engage, please reach out.

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