Employing technology to capture wasted heat and form sustainably comfortable and livable cities.


As opposed to concentrating design to one area, our plug-ins hope to increase street value throughout the city in a dispersed, efficient, and deployable manner


By addressing the "end" of energy that some might call waste, we hope to truly engage and improve circular energy systems


Focusing on public outdoor space can help improve mental well-being in urban life, and is a key step towards realizing a resilient future city


Our Street Plug-In Solutions transform wasted heat to make better streets. 

Thermally comfortable

Modular Assembly

Easy to deploy

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Street Level Perspective.jpg

We are currently in the prototyping phase for our Model A 1:1 heated bench

looking for private and public partnerships for a pilot project

expected construction January 2022


Our Services 

Identifying and measurering heat leakages.

Installing technology to collect wasted heat and channel it where it is needed.

Assembling suitable street furniture plug-in.

We work with cities on: 

Steam Network [Converted] copy-01.png

Heat Release Monitoring in NYC 

W57th  & 5th Ave


W57th  & 5th Ave


W60th  & 6th Ave


About Us

HTH is an MIT-born venture founded in 2020. It is being developed as part of the School of Planning and Architecture's accelerator program; DesignX. We are four Masters of Architecture students at MIT and Columbia University. Ous has a background in Physics and Architecture from the University of Toronto, Angela studied Architecture & Theory at Princeton University whilst Jules and Latifa pursued an Architecture degree at the University of Bath. As a team, we are excited about tapping into excess heat sources and exploring the possibilities of neglected yet valuable space across cities. 


Latifa Alkhayat

Chief Design Officer


Ous Abou Ras

Chief Technical Officer


Jules Kleitman

Chief Development 



Angela Loescher-Montal

Chief Financial Officer


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We are always looking for ways to improve our products and work with others! If your values align and would like to engage, feel free to contact us, or follow us on Instagram at @harnesstheheat.

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